Asphalt Driveway Companies: How To Compare And Choose The Best

Asphalt is a popular choice for driveway paving due to its longevity, affordability, and durability. As such, it’s important to choose an asphalt driveway company carefully.

When selecting an driveway asphalt companies, it is important to consider several factors. These include the quality of materials used, the construction process, customer service and warranty coverage, as well as pricing structure and payment terms.

With this information in hand, one can make an informed decision about which asphalt paving contractor is best suited for their particular needs.

driveway asphalt companies

Assessing Quality And Experience

When it comes to selecting an asphalt driveway company, quality and experience are two of the most important factors. A reputable contractor should have extensive knowledge of the paving process and be able to provide a portfolio of their previous work. They should also be able to discuss their approach in detail, from start to finish.

The best way to verify a contractor’s quality is by checking customer reviews and references. Ask for the contact information for several of the contractor’s past customers and speak with them about their experience. It is also helpful to view pictures of completed projects to get an idea of the workmanship and attention to detail that was put into each job.

Asphalt paving requires specialized tools and techniques in order for it to last for years. It is important that a driveway contractor has a team of experienced professionals who understand how different components interact with each other in order to create a durable surface. This includes using proper base preparation methods, appropriate materials, and knowing when certain treatments are necessary.

With the right expertise, your driveway can look great while lasting much longer than one created without professional help.

By carefully assessing quality and experience, homeowners can ensure they select a trustworthy asphalt driveway company that will deliver superior results on their project. Investigating the construction process is another way to ensure that all safety protocols are followed during installation as well as uncover any potential issues before they arise.

Investigating The Construction Process

The selection of an asphalt driveway contractor is like mapping a journey through a sea of possibilities. With careful navigation, one can chart a course to the perfect contractor – but without proper guidance, the voyage may end in disappointment.

Investigating the construction process is one of the most important steps in selecting a reliable and trustworthy asphalt driveway company. When evaluating potential contractors, it’s essential to investigate their methods and processes for constructing an asphalt driveway.

Ask questions about any unique techniques they use, such as sub-grade preparation or special treatments for difficult terrain. Inquire about their approach to drainage and waterproofing, as well as any additional services they provide that might be beneficial for long-term maintenance. Determine whether their installers are certified professionals who adhere to the highest industry standards when installing asphalt driveways.

This will help ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds expectations. Finally, research the quality of materials used by each prospective contractor. Find out what type of asphalt mix they typically use and check with local suppliers to see if it’s recommended for your area. Ask how often they sealcoat driveways and what type of sealer they recommend for maximum protection against weathering and wear-and-tear damage.

Knowing these details will give you greater peace of mind in making your decision – so don’t hesitate to ask questions until you have all the information you need. The next step is evaluating customer service and warranty coverage – but more on that later…

Evaluating Customer Service And Warranty Coverage

When selecting an asphalt paving contractor, customer service and warranty coverage are important considerations. It is essential to find a contractor that stands behind its work with clear warranties and responsive customer service.

Doing research on contractors in the area prior to hiring can help ensure that a quality job is done at an affordable price. Research should include reviews of the contractor’s previous jobs, as well as any additional services they may offer such as sealcoating or line striping.

Additionally, asking for references from other customers who have worked with the same contractor is important for evaluating their customer service and ensuring that their warranties are reliable. Evaluating the communication skills of the contractor can also be beneficial in determining how well they will respond to questions or concerns throughout the project.

Finally, it is important to consider how long the warranty coverage lasts and what types of damages it covers in order to ensure that any issues post-construction will be addressed quickly and efficiently. Knowing these details before beginning a project can help reduce stress and provide peace of mind throughout the process.

As such, investigating warranty coverage should be one of the highest priorities when searching for an asphalt paving contractor. With this knowledge, examining pricing structure and payment terms becomes easier.

driveway asphalt companies

Examining Pricing Structure And Payment Terms

Contemplating a driveway installation requires a thorough analysis of the pricing structure and payment terms. Shopping for a contractor is like buying a car; the price of the job is just as important as its quality or features.

To find the best value, it is necessary to compare estimates from several asphalt paving contractors and carefully weigh the cost versus quality of each proposal. When evaluating offers, look for hidden fees and extras that can significantly increase the total cost of the project over time. Ask about warranties and guarantees on labor, materials, and craftsmanship provided by each contractor.

If there are any additional fees for disposal, permits, or other services make sure they are included in the final estimate. When it comes time to pay it is important to understand when payments are due and what types of payment methods each contractor accepts.

Checking references provided by each contractor is essential to making an informed decision before signing a contract. It not only gives you an idea of their customer service but allows you to get a better understanding of their previous work and experience in asphalt paving projects similar to yours.

Testimonials from past clients can provide valuable insights into which companies offer both quality workmanship at reasonable prices while also delivering excellent customer service throughout the job’s duration. Transitioning into checking references and testimonials is an important step in choosing an asphalt paving contractor that will deliver exactly what you need within your budget.

Checking References And Testimonials

When comparing asphalt driveway companies, it is important to check references and testimonials. A trusted company should have a few positive reviews or testimonials from satisfied customers. It is also important to look for any negative reviews which can help identify any potential problems that may arise with the contractor. An experienced contractor will often provide a list of references that are available upon request.

Before selecting an asphalt paving contractor, it is essential to research the company thoroughly by reading online reviews and by asking for references from trusted sources. It is also a good idea to contact their past customers directly in order to get an understanding of the quality of work they provide and how well they communicate with their clients throughout the project. Additionally, it is beneficial to ask about the safety measures taken on job sites as well as the duration of time needed for completion.

Another way to choose an asphalt driveway company is by speaking with them directly and asking questions about their experience in paving driveways as well as any other related services they may offer. It is also important to inquire about pricing, warranties, and payment terms before making any commitments.

Gathering this information can help ensure that the chosen asphalt paving contractor meets all requirements necessary for a successful project completion.


Asphalt driveways are a common and cost-effective way to update the look of any home or business.

Before selecting an asphalt paving contractor, it is important to consider various factors such as the speed of service, maintenance needs, and additional costs.

Taking the time to compare and choose a reliable contractor can ensure that your driveway looks its best for years to come.

For optimal results, it is best to select an experienced asphalt paving contractor who offers a free estimate, is insured and bonded, and can provide clear information regarding all associated costs.

Additionally, be sure to ask about any warranties or guarantees that may be available with the job.

By choosing carefully and considering all options, you can find a reputable asphalt paving contractor who will complete your project in a timely manner without sacrificing quality workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Quickly Can A Driveway Be Completed?
The time frame for the completion of an asphalt driveway can vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

Generally, a single car driveway can be completed in one day, while larger projects such as double or triple car driveways may require two to three days, or even more if there are additional features involved.

The contractor should be able to provide an accurate timeline for completion based on the specifics of each individual project.

What Is The Cost Of Sealcoating An Asphalt Driveway?
When deciding whether to invest in sealcoating for an asphalt driveway, the cost of the project is likely to be a major factor. The cost of sealcoating can vary depending on the size of the driveway and the type of materials used. In general, though, it’s usually around $1-$2 per square foot.

A professional paving contractor will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate based on their experience and the size of your particular driveway. Bear in mind that it’s worth investing in quality sealcoating products as these will last longer and will help improve the longevity of your asphalt driveway.

It’s also important to note that sealcoating can provide numerous other benefits such as improving traction so that vehicles can drive safely even in wet weather conditions. This means that investing in sealcoating now could potentially save you money down the line by helping reduce wear and tear and avoiding any costly repairs later on.

Is Sealcoating Necessary For An Asphalt Driveway?
Is sealcoating necessary for an asphalt driveway? This is a common question that many homeowners have about their asphalt driveways. As a paving contractor, I’m here to share with you the importance of sealcoat for your asphalt surfaces.

Sealcoating is a protective layer that works to keep moisture from seeping into the pavement and causing cracks and other damage over time. It also helps prevent oil, gas, and salt from penetrating the surface, which can cause further damage. Not only does sealcoat provide protection against the elements, but it also helps improve the aesthetics of your driveway by giving it a black glossy finish.

When it comes to preserving the life of your asphalt driveway, nothing beats regular sealcoating maintenance. Without this vital step in protecting your asphalt surfaces, you run the risk of costly repairs down the line due to weathering or other damage caused by chemicals and oils. Furthermore, if you don’t take care of your driveway now, you could be looking at repaving as soon as three years from now! Sealcoating is an investment in both your home’s value and its longevity.

So there you have it: sealcoating is necessary for an asphalt driveway if you want to keep it looking great and preventing costly repairs down the line. Don’t wait until it’s too late – start protecting your driveway today!

How Often Should Sealcoating Be Applied?
When it comes to sealcoating your asphalt driveway, one of the most common questions we get asked is how often it should be applied. As a paving contractor, we recommend sealcoating your asphalt every two or three years. This will ensure that your driveway is well protected and provides maximum traction for drivers and pedestrians alike.

The frequency of sealcoating your driveway depends on a few factors. The first factor is where you live. Areas with harsher climates are more likely to require more frequent sealcoating than those in milder areas. Additionally, the amount of traffic on your driveway can also affect the frequency of reapplication – if you have a lot of cars driving over your asphalt, then it’s recommended to apply sealcoat more often in order to protect the surface from wear and tear.

Sealcoating not only makes your driveway look better but also protects it from water damage and UV rays, which can cause cracking and potholes over time. It also helps increase traction on wet surfaces, making it safer for drivers during rainstorms or snow storms. Ultimately, regular sealcoating can help extend the life of your asphalt driveway and keep it looking great for years to come!

Are There Any Environmental Concerns Associated With Sealcoating?
Sealcoating is an important part of maintaining your asphalt driveway. However, there are some environmental concerns that you should be aware of when applying this product. In this article, we’ll discuss what these potential issues are and how to address them.

First, it’s important to know that sealcoating can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds can be released into the air as the sealcoating dries. If VOCs are present in large quantities and not managed properly, they can have a negative impact on the environment. To reduce their impact, it’s best to use products with low VOC content when sealcoating your driveway.

Another environmental concern is related to runoff from sealcoating projects. Sealer can end up in nearby waterways if it isn’t handled properly during application or if there isn’t proper drainage in place around your driveway. To prevent any runoff, make sure you use a product that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for residential applications and follow all application instructions carefully. You should also take steps to keep any excess sealer away from storm drains or other bodies of water near your home.

When applied correctly, sealcoating can provide many benefits without harming the environment. As long as you’re mindful of potential environmental issues and take proactive steps to mitigate them, you can ensure that your asphalt driveway looks great for years to come without causing any harm to the environment.

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